Jumping into the unknown

Maria Lasprilla
3 min readApr 21, 2022

It has been an intense week, full of events, intense work and a lot of mixed emotions. Every day has been a reminder of all there has been and all that lies ahead: after 7 amazing years I made the decision of leaving Pipedrive. It wasn’t easy. It isn’t easy.

Every week that gets closer to the final one makes the weight of my decision heavier. Yet, the fear of the uncertain future fills me with the adrenaline that others would get from paragliding or bungee jumping (free fall is the queen of adrenaline release, it seems).

Pipedrive has been and continues to be an amazing company, even though is very different to the company I joined back in 2015. We have grown at a healthy pace, and I believe this has helped protect some of the key values that make the culture so precious. And you know what they say “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. But we also have an amazing strategy. A lucky combination hard to find: great culture and strong strategy.

So why am I leaving, you ask? Because I designed this life! Let me explain myself:

About a decade ago I agreed with myself to take breaks without future committments. These would be every few years (5, give or take). These breaks require planning a safe context to be able to do it without the pressure of fundamental responsibilities (read: financials, small children, sick family members, external critical events, etc). These breaks are a way to trigger creativity, free the mind, build resilience and discover things that otherwise I would have a harder time discovering if I stuck to the same routine. This approach is, in fact, how I met the Pipedrive team. It was serendipituous, and how I love serendipity.

I know people learn new hobbies, move countries, change their looks or renovate their house to get similar results. This does not work for me. I have tried. But this design has worked well a couple of times. Thanks to this design, I have changed careers, gotten into new roles and industries and, more importantly, strengthen my emotional and mental well-being. These breaks have helped me live the years that followed with more intensity.

I will miss Pipedrive. I feel a sense of responsibility for what I am leaving behind. Following the example of the best leaders I have worked with, I am pouring my heart in the final weeks to help make a smooth transition, leave in place a solid succession team, and handover all key responsibilities. I want to make the last few weeks as amazing as this place has made these seven years for me. I also see the bright side of an old timer moving on: it creates new opportunities for other generations ready to grow and give more of themselves to the company. There is also plenty of room for new people open to new challenges, so reach out if you see an open position(s) that catches your eye.

While I work on the details of my transition, I will slowly start shifting my attention into the details of my break. I will continue to be a bit scared, a bit excited, and most of all, thankful for having had this experience and for being able to live a life by design.

But for now, panna on vaja!

Originally published at https://marialasprilla.wordpress.com on April 21, 2022.



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