Resetting my relationship with time

Maria Lasprilla
4 min readOct 21, 2022


For the past week I have been in a place in relation to my time that is kind of a limbo. For the past few months I had owned my time fully. That changed four weeks ago when I started looking for a job. Doing it meant giving rights to others to come into my space, my time. I chose this because I want to share my time with others. This is all part of the need to feel purposeful, the need of belonging to a group that is doing something I want to be doing, too.

But for the past ten days or so I have been in an uncomfortable place between free and restricted. I needed to understand why, so I did a few things to change this.

I decided to (re)learn

I looked for podcasts episodes on the topic from podcasts I enjoy. For example, this episode from Hidden Brain and this other from Headspace Radio.

Although I consider myself a big planner, listening to that material had me re-learning a few things. Normally, I make weekly, monthly, yearly plans. But I realized I was not fully mindful of what I was planning lately. The rhythm of life while free allowed me to be more generous in dedicating big chunks of time to a handful of things. However, when getting busier, plan goes into smaller chunks of time dedicated to a lot of different things. The coulds, the wants, and the havetos.

So I made a daily list of the things I was planning to do each day, and what I actually did with each. Through this exercise, I discovered that I was aiming at an unrealistic 30h of activities per day. The main reason being that I continued with topics that I started with when I was in 100% break mode and then I ADDED to these activities the new ones: learning, researching and applying to jobs. I should have eliminated something before adding new things. So came the negotiation with myself. I grouped things per topic and were there were too many things of the same topic (e.g. play, relax, learn, work) I cut down from those.

I mixed time and space

I realized that there were things I wanted to do during my break that I forgot about once I started learning and job searching. For example, I had wanted to visit the new temporary location of the national library. But somehow, as I started associating my learning and research with my workspace at home, I started finding myself attached to my desk and feeling, on one hand, satisfied with the things I had learned, and on the other frustrated at the end of the day for not having explored other areas, for not having played, for not relaxing a bit… (beyond the daily walks with Lumi 🐾 which were keeping me sane). So I decided to mix both. I spent a day at the library researching, and a morning reading at the cafeteria, then I decided to change the routes of walks with Lumi to places I wanted to visit. This made a huge difference in the last couple of days. No frustration in the end.

I rebalanced feedback with intuition

Another thing that was adding to my anxiety in feeling little time to do everything I wanted was that I started gathering feedback from friends on the process of job searching I was going through. Everyone had something different to say, which is exactly what I wanted, to identify my blind spots. But I was too quick to act on all of the feedback. I later decided to process the feedback more broadly and decide what I wanted to improve or change thanks to that input, and what I was going to discard. Again, that made a huge difference. There is a lot to learn and do, but I am sticking to one step at a time. One small but significant step is that I also started wearing again a bracelet I bought a few years ago to remind myself to “do one thing at a time, and do it well”. A phrase that I see as a version of “less is more”.

I took ownership of my future

Lastly, I made decisions about my future. I realized that I was so poised to start a new job that I was pushing other plans I had been considering for a while for later. Until I realized that one thing did not have to get in the way of the other. This made me noticed that while I am well versed in using different channels of communication to work effectively, I tend to tether my body to a location once I am in “doing mode”. Whether that is my home office, a wood workshop or a favorite cafeteria, I struggle with moving myself physically to another location once I am onto something. Perhaps because I learn to do this by way of force with the pandemic. So I went ahead and bought tickets to two places I was going to go to anyway. And whatever happens in the job realm, can be well adapted to my given latitudes and longitudes in the future.

This reset created mental space to do things I wanted to do for fun. For example, this pumpkin soup with these bread buns with the shape of pumpkins

Overall, I feel like I pushed a reset button to readjust my relationship with time and my brain is at ease again.

Happy Friday,
Maria 🌺

P.S. And remember go start the weekend thinking of it as a mini vacation 😉

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